Operation Theater: OT

4 state of the art theatres for joint replacement, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, trauma, and other surgeries with advanced anesthesia and post operative setup.

Insurance and Cashless Medicine Department

A well equipped trauma centre to deal with orthopedic, surgical, neurosurgical and medical emergencies. Available 24 hours.


  • United India Insurance
  • New India Insurance
  • Oriental Insurance
  • National Insurance
  • STAR Health Insurance
  • Apollo Munich
  • Cholamandalam MS GIC
  • Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
  • Cigna TTK Health Insurance
  • ICICI Lombard GIC


  • Vidal Health TPA(TTK)
  • Medi Assist India TPA
  • MD India TPA
  • Heritage Health TPA
  • Raksha TPA
  • Dedicated Health Care Services
  • United Health Care Parekh TPA
  • Family Health Plan(FHPL)
  • Paramount Health Services TPA
  • Good Health TPA Services
  • Health India TPA
  • MED Save India TPA

Emergency / Casualty Services

A well equipped trauma centre to deal with orthopedic, surgical, neurosurgical and medical emergencies. Available 24 hours.

Reception and Out Patient Services

Radiology Department (X-ray and CT)

We have the best diagnostic radiologists and radiology equipment that captures the diagnostic image to see structures inside a patient's body. The diagnostic radiology exams available are CT scan and X-ray.

Reception and Out Patient Services

Physiotherapy Department

Our physiotherapists interact with patients to understand the movement of their bodies to evaluate and help them improve their health. Patients are treated to correct their affected parts, decrease pain, and prevent injury.

Pharmacy Medical Library

We provide the best-in-class service to our customers with the assistance of certified pharmacists. We provide medicines at an affordable price.


Our clinical laboratories cater to a wide range of laboratory procedures that aid the physicians in diagnosing, treating, and managing the patients.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

We provide the best of emergency health services for critically ill patients. We have experienced doctors, surgeons, specialists, specially trained staff, assistants, and nurse practitioners.

Hospital Auditorium

We have a well-furnished and spacious lecture hall equipped with audio-visual equipment, LCD projectors, Computers, etc.

Nursing Station /Ward

The nurses' stations carry out clinically associated functions and administrative tasks. They monitor all the patient care in their assigned unit performed by other nursing staff.

Ambulance Service

Our ambulance services provide timely emergency care for injured and critically ill patients. Besides, our ambulances also extend services to patients who need to shift to other places on a non-emergency basis.

Dental Department

We are highly experienced in dental care with the best service. We provide the highest level of dentistry with the most technically advanced systems and equipment.


Our hospital canteen caters to the needs of visitors and patients who have to take food before blood tests. Healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks, hot drinks, and dinner are served here.


The office administrators at our hospital bring together their education and experience with healthcare services, medical terminology, and customer service to perform daily tasks that keep the hospital and doctors functioning.