Plastic Surgery

Dr.S. Bhagavath


The Department of Plastic Surgery at BRJ Ortho Centre & MAK Hospital, provides comprehensive care for patients needing plastic and reconstructive procedures. We offer a full range of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures to meet the needs of both adults and children. We offer the latest techniques in hand surgery, cosmetic surgery, cancer surgery reconstruction, acute burns, burn deformity reconstruction and oral & maxillofacial surgery. The department is headed by a well-qualified plastic surgeon with vast experience.

Degrees: MS.,Mch.(Plastic Surgery),Fellow (Hand & Microsurgery)
Specialty: Chief PLASTIC SURGEON

Other Doctors:

DR.THIRUGNANAM Mch (Plastic Surgery)
DR.JAMES ROY KANJOOR Mch.,FRCS (Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon)

Types of Plastic Surgery

Trauma & Reconstructive Microsurgery

The department plays a key active role in the management of trauma patients.Soft tissue and major reconstruction is done in coordination with the trauma team.

Hand Surgery

Hand surgery is the field of medicine that deals with problems of the hand, wrist and forearm. Common problems dealt are,.

  • Treatment for acute hand and finger injuries that require reimplantation, revascularization,repair or reconstruction, and fracture fixation.

  • Management of chronic hand problems like Carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger fingers, tumors and cysts, Post traumatic deformities, Brachial plexus Injuries and arthritis.

  • Correction of congenital hand differences

  • Treatment for Hand infections

Burns Care

Burns are classified based on their depth. Superficial burns are treated conservatively with dressings. Deep burns require good clinical judgment to decide when such injuries need surgery.The total area of burn involvement and the part involved is critical in developing a plan of care. Deep burns require early skin grafting when available to prevent scars and their complications. If adequate donor areas are unavailable allografts or skin substitutes need to be considered. The burns care team consists of the following :

  • The Department of Physiotherapy

  • Occupational therapy

  • Orthotic Department play an important role in the rehabilitation programme

  • The post burns sequlae are well managed in our hospital.

Aesthetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgical procedures commonly done are

  • Scar revision surgeries

  • Abdominoplasty

  • Liposuction

  • Gynaecomastia correction

  • Body contouring

  • Reduction mammoplasty

  • Fat injection

  • Augmentation mammoplasty

  • Hair transplant for male pattern
    baldness and alopecia

  • Rhinoplasty

General Plastic and Reconstructive surgery

All type of reconstructions from head to foot mainly

  • Diabetic foot ulcer

  • Bedsore reconstruction

  • Head and neck cancer reconstruction

  • Genito urinary reconstruction

  • Cutaneous lesions and skin malignancies excision

  • Skin malignancies excision and reconstruction

Maxillofacial Surgery

Post traumatic facial bone fracture fixation and craniomaxillofacialdeformities correction, reconstruction for jaw deformities, soft tissue facial injury reconstruction, jaw tumours resection and reconstructive surgery are routinely performed.

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